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Ghana a West African country on the Atlantic coast between the Ivory Coast and Togo.
ghastly inducing fear; terrifying. [3 definitions]
ghat in India, a mountain pass.
ghee the liquid butter that remains after the milk of cows or buffaloes has been boiled, used esp. in India.
gherkin a variety of small cucumber used for pickling. [3 definitions]
ghetto a part of a town or city in which members of a particular race, religion, nationality, ethnic group, or the like are forced by law to live. [3 definitions]
ghetto blaster (slang) a portable stereo player.
ghettoize to segregate in, or as if in, a restricted area such as a slum. [2 definitions]
Ghibelline a member of an aristocratic faction in medieval Italy that supported the authority of the German emperors over the papacy. (Cf. Guelph.)
ghost the spirit of someone who has died, esp. one that is believed to have returned to earth to haunt a place or living people. [7 definitions]
ghost gear fishing gear that is lost or illegally dumped into the oceans by commercial fishing companies.
ghostly of, typical of, or similar to a ghost, esp. in whiteness, eeriness, or elusiveness.
ghost net a fishing net that is lost or abandoned in the ocean by commercial fishermen.
ghost town a town that has been completely abandoned, esp. a former boom town of the American West.
ghostwriter someone who writes one or more books, speeches, or the like under the name of and as the agent for another person.
ghoul an evil demon, esp. one of Islamic legend that eats people and corpses. [3 definitions]
GHz abbreviation of "gigahertz," a unit of frequency equal to one billion hertz.
GI designating standard equipment, apparel, or the like issued to U.S. military personnel (originally an abbreviation for "galvanized iron," and subsequently considered to be an abbreviation for "government issue"). [4 definitions]
giant a legendary being who looks like a man of an enormous size and strength. [5 definitions]
giant anteater see "ant bear."
giantess a female giant. [2 definitions]