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give away to surrender possession of (something) or give as a gift. [4 definitions]
give a wide berth to to stay out of the way of.
giveback a reduction in workers' salaries, benefits, or rights agreed to by a union during labor negotiations in exchange for some other concession by management or in recognition of depressed economic conditions.
give back to return (something) to someone after taking, using, or borrowing. [3 definitions]
give birth (of a female human or animal) to deliver offspring into the world.
give in to agree to something that one is reluctant to agree to (usu. fol. by "to"). [4 definitions]
given past participle of give. [6 definitions]
given name a person's first name, given at birth or baptism, as distinguished from one's family name. (Cf. surname.)
give off to release into the air; emit.
give one's eyeteeth to give one's most valued possession, as for something that one greatly desires.
give out to distribute (something), usually by hand. [3 definitions]
give rise to to lead to; cause.
give (someone) a break to refrain from giving (someone) a punishment or negative consequence, although such punishment or consequence would normally be expected. [3 definitions]
give (someone) a buzz (informal) to telephone (someone).
give someone a hand to help (someone) with a particular task.
give (someone) a ring (informal) to telephone (someone).
give someone the finger (slang) to express anger or contempt by extending the middle finger upward.
give someone the slip to elude; escape.
give the gate to reject.
give up to stop (an activity), often reluctantly. [4 definitions]
give up the ghost to lose one's life; die.