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gleeful exuberantly joyful; merry.
glen a narrow secluded valley, esp. between mountains.
glengarry (sometimes cap.) a Scottish cap creased lengthwise on the top and often having short ribbons in the back.
Glen plaid (sometimes l.c.) a plaid pattern involving thin crisscrossing stripes of black or gray and white, and sometimes one or more muted colors. [2 definitions]
glib speaking or prone to speak easily and fluently, esp. in a careless or thoughtless manner, with little concern for the truth. [3 definitions]
glide to move in a smooth and seemingly effortless manner. [9 definitions]
glider someone or something that glides. [3 definitions]
glimmer a slight, dim, or unsteady light; flicker; gleam. [4 definitions]
glimmering a faint, flickering light; glimmer. [3 definitions]
glimpse a quick look; momentary or partial view. [4 definitions]
glint a brief flash or flicker of reflected light, as from a mirror or smooth metal surface. [4 definitions]
glissade a controlled, skillful slide down a snowy or icy slope while on skis, a toboggan, or the like. [3 definitions]
glissando performed by playing or sounding a rapid succession of consecutive tones of a scale, as by sliding one or more fingers over the keys of a piano. [3 definitions]
glisten to shine with reflected light, sometimes sparkling and sometimes softly lustrous. [2 definitions]
glitch (informal) a minor problem, mishap, malfunction, or defect, as in a machine or plan. [2 definitions]
glitter to shine brightly, with sparkling or lustrous reflected light. [6 definitions]
glitz (informal) extreme showiness or gaudy, ostentatious sophistication.
glitzy (informal) shining or sparkling as with glitter; glittery. [2 definitions]
gloaming late evening; dusk; twilight.
gloat to feel or express pleasure, pride, or satisfaction, often at someone else's expense. [2 definitions]
glob a small drop, ball, or blob; globule. [2 definitions]