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globule a very small drop, ball, or spherical mass.
globulin in many plant and animal tissues, any of a number of simple proteins that will dissolve in a weak solution of salt and water, though not in water alone, and will coagulate when heat is applied.
glockenspiel a percussion instrument composed of a set of graduated metal bars, mounted in a lyre-shaped frame, that are struck with hammers.
glögg a hot Swedish punch made of red wine, sherry, brandy, sugar, and spices, garnished with orange peel, almonds, and raisins.
glomerate formed into a tight, rounded mass.
glomerular of, pertaining to, or produced by a glomerulus.
glomerulonephritis any of a group of kidney diseases characterized by inflammation of the renal glomeruli.
glomerulus in anatomy, a globular structure of entwined vessels, fibers, or neurons, such as the glomerulus in the kidney that filters blood.
gloom lack of light; darkness or dimness. [5 definitions]
gloomy dim or dark; dreary or dismal. [3 definitions]
glop (informal) any messy, gooey, sticky substance, thick liquid, or the like.
glorification the act of glorifying, or the state of being glorified. [2 definitions]
glorify to give great praise, honor, or glory to, esp. in worship; exalt; extol. [3 definitions]
glorious having or meriting great praise, fame, honor, or glory; illustrious. [4 definitions]
glory great honor, distinction, praise, or renown. [8 definitions]
glory days a time in the past when someone or something flourished.
gloss1 a shine or sheen on a surface; luster. [4 definitions]
gloss2 an explanatory note, such as a translation of an unusual, foreign, or technical expression, placed between the lines or in the margin of a text or manuscript. [3 definitions]
glossary a list of unusual, difficult, or technical words and their definitions, usu. placed at the end of a book. [2 definitions]
glossolalia see "speaking in tongues."
glossy having a smooth, shiny surface or appearance. [5 definitions]