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Goshen according to the Old Testament, the fertile land of the Israelites in Egypt that was spared from the last of the seven plagues visited on that country. [2 definitions]
gosling a very young goose. [2 definitions]
gospel (often cap.) the teachings of Jesus Christ and his apostles. [6 definitions]
gossamer a delicate spider web, esp. one that has become attached to a plant or is floating freely in the air. [3 definitions]
gossip talk, rumor, or speculation about other people, esp. about their personal affairs. [4 definitions]
got past tense and a past participle of get.
Goth a member of a Germanic people who invaded the Roman Empire during the third through fifth centuries A.D. [2 definitions]
Gothic of or relating to the style of architecture that was popular from the twelfth through the mid-sixteenth century in Europe, characterized by its pointed arches and ribbed vaults. [7 definitions]
Gothic arch a pointed arch.
go through to gain final and official approval. [7 definitions]
go through with to continue on with (something) until it is a reality.
go to any lengths to ignore possible danger, discomfort, or inconvenience in pursuing a goal.
go to pieces to lose emotional or mental stability or control; collapse.
go to pot to go to ruin; become ruined.
go to rack and ruin to become dilapidated, as through neglect; decay.
go to seed of a plant, to reach the stage of producing seeds. [2 definitions]
go to the bathroom (informal; polite) to use a toilet, or to relieve oneself without a toilet.
go to the dogs (informal) to seriously decline or deteriorate; degenerate.
gotten a past participle of get.
gotu kola a small creeping plant used in herbal medicine; Centella. [2 definitions]
gouache a technique of painting by using a mixture of opaque watercolors and a gum preparation. [3 definitions]