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goby any of numerous marine and freshwater fishes with united pelvic fins that form a sucking disk.
go-by (informal) an intentional passing by or slight; snub.
go-cart a small, lightweight, gas-powered, four-wheeled vehicle used for racing or recreation; kart. [4 definitions]
go crazy (informal) to lose one's sanity. [2 definitions]
god in various mythologies such as those of Greece and Rome, a being believed to have supernatural powers and therefore worshiped, esp. a male deity believed to control some part of nature or life in the world. [6 definitions]
godchild a child whom a godparent promises at baptism to assume partial responsibility for, esp. in overseeing his or her religious education.
goddaughter a female godchild.
goddess a female being believed to have supernatural powers; female god. [3 definitions]
go-devil a rotary tool used to clean out an oil pipeline. [4 definitions]
godfather a male godparent. [2 definitions]
God-fearing fearful and respectful of God. [2 definitions]
godforsaken (sometimes cap.) desolate; dismal; remote. [2 definitions]
God-given (sometimes l.c.) considered to be given by God. [2 definitions]
godhead (cap.) the essential nature of God. [3 definitions]
godhood the state of being a god; divinity.
Godiva an eleventh-century English noblewoman who, according to legend, rode naked through the streets of Coventry to win relief for the people from a burdensome tax; Lady Godiva.
godless without belief in any god; atheistic.
godlike like, suitable to, or of the nature of God or a god; divine.
godly characterized by reverence and love for God and respect for the ethical teachings of scripture; pious; devout.
godmother a female godparent.
go down to decrease or descend. [5 definitions]