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Golgotha according to the New Testament, the site on which Jesus Christ was crucified; Calvary. [2 definitions]
goliard one of the wandering students of the late Middle Ages who composed satirical Latin verses and songs; jester.
Goliath according to the Old Testament, the giant warrior, sent forth by the Philistine army, who was slain by David with a slingshot.
golly used as an exclamation of mild surprise, wonder, puzzlement, or the like.
golosh variant of galosh.
Gomorrah according to the Old Testament, an ancient city of Canaan in the time of Abraham that was destroyed by God because of the wickedness of its inhabitants.
-gon a geometric figure that has (such or so many) angles.
gonad a sex gland that produces sperm or eggs; testis or ovary.
gonadotropin any of a group of pituitary hormones involved in regulation of growth, sexual development, and reproduction.
gondola a long, narrow boat with a flat bottom and high curved ends, controlled by a boatman standing at the stern and used on the waterways of Venice, Italy. [5 definitions]
gondolier the boatman who controls a gondola, usu. with an oar or pole at the stern.
gone past participle of go1. [9 definitions]
gone on (informal) infatuated with; helplessly in love with.
goner (informal) someone or something that is lost, ruined, doomed, or dead.
gonfalon a flag or banner hanging from a crossbar, esp. one used as a standard by the medieval Italian republics.
gong a large metallic disk that makes a deep resonant sound when struck with a stick or mallet. [2 definitions]
goniometer an optical instrument that measures angles, esp. in crystals or other solids. [2 definitions]
goniometry the science or theory dealing with the measurement of angles.
gonna contraction of "going to" used in some types of writing to reflect how the two words of the expression "be going to" are often pronounced in rapid, informal speech.
gonococcus the bacterium that causes gonorrhea.
gonorrhea a contagious venereal disease, involving inflammation of the genital organs and urinary tract, transmitted mainly by sexual intercourse.