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gone on (informal) infatuated with; helplessly in love with.
goner (informal) someone or something that is lost, ruined, doomed, or dead.
gonfalon a flag or banner hanging from a crossbar, esp. one used as a standard by the medieval Italian republics.
gong a large metallic disk that makes a deep resonant sound when struck with a stick or mallet. [2 definitions]
goniometer an optical instrument that measures angles, esp. in crystals or other solids. [2 definitions]
goniometry the science or theory dealing with the measurement of angles.
gonna contraction of "going to" used in some types of writing to reflect how the two words of the expression "be going to" are often pronounced in rapid, informal speech.
gonococcus the bacterium that causes gonorrhea.
gonorrhea a contagious venereal disease, involving inflammation of the genital organs and urinary tract, transmitted mainly by sexual intercourse.
-gony genesis or generation; manner of coming into existence.
gonzo (slang) esp. in journalism, bizarre, exaggerated, and intentionally subjective.
goo (informal) a thick, wet, or sticky substance. [2 definitions]
goober in the southern United States, a peanut.
good having qualities that are desired, enjoyed, or beneficial; desirable. [25 definitions]
good afternoon used to say hello or good-bye in the afternoon.
Good Book the Bible (usu. prec. by "the").
goodbye used to signify or acknowledge a departure or the end of a telephone call. [2 definitions]
good cheer cheerful, optimistic, or courageous spirits. [3 definitions]
Good Conduct Medal in the U.S. military, a medal awarded to servicemen for dutifulness, efficiency, and loyalty.
good day used as expression of greeting or farewell in the daytime.
good evening used to say hello or good-bye during the evening.