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Gordian knot in Greek legend, a knot tied by King Gordius of Phrygia and cut by Alexander the Great, after an oracle had said it could be untied only by the next ruler of Asia. [2 definitions]
Gordon Hirabayashi an American of Japanese descent who, during World War II, was one of only a few Japanese-Americans to openly defy the relocation orders of the U.S. Government. He challenged the constitutionality of the application of curfews for minority groups, and his case eventually went to the Supreme Court, where he was unanimously ruled against in Hirabayashi v. United States in 1943 (b.1918--2012).
Gordon setter any of a Scottish breed of medium-sized hunting dog having a soft, silky black and tan coat.
gore1 blood, esp. clotted blood that has issued from a wound.
gore2 to injure by stabbing with a horn, antler, tusk, or the like.
gore3 a triangular or narrowing panel of cloth sewn into a dress, sail, or the like to increase its fullness.
gorge a narrow space between rocky cliffs, usu. with a stream at the bottom; ravine. [6 definitions]
gorgeous exceptionally beautiful; splendid.
gorget a piece of armor used to protect the throat. [4 definitions]
Gorgon in Greek mythology, any of three monster sisters that have snakes for hair and can turn beholders into stone. [2 definitions]
Gorgonzola a type of cheese, originally from Italy, characterized by its cream color, blue-green veins, and sharp taste.
gorilla the largest of all apes, native to Africa and a plant-eater that lives on the ground. [3 definitions]
gormand variant of gourmand.
gormandize to eat voraciously and excessively; gorge.
gorp a mixture of raisins, nuts, dry cereal, and the like eaten as a high-energy snack; trail mix.
gorse any of various shrubs native to Europe having spiny leaves and bearing yellow flowers; furze.
gory covered with blood; bloody. [2 definitions]
gosh used to express surprise, interest, or the like.
goshawk any of a number of large broad-winged hawks, formerly used for falconry.
Goshen according to the Old Testament, the fertile land of the Israelites in Egypt that was spared from the last of the seven plagues visited on that country. [2 definitions]
gosling a very young goose. [2 definitions]