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grad (informal) someone who has graduated from a school; graduate.
gradate to pass almost imperceptibly from one degree to another, as in shades of color.
gradation a series of steps or stages that follow one another gradually and systematically. . [3 definitions]
-grade walking or advancing in (such) a manner.
grade a level, degree, or rank in a scale. [9 definitions]
grade crossing the place where one railroad track intersects another, or intersects a road at the same level.
gradeless combined form of grade.
grade point average a measure of academic achievement arrived at by dividing the total number of grade points earned by a student during a particular period by the total number of credits the student attempted.
grader a person or thing that grades. [3 definitions]
grade school see "elementary school."
gradient the amount by which an incline deviates from the horizontal; slope. [4 definitions]
gradual occurring evenly by degrees.
gradualism the belief, principle, or policy of attaining a change in something, such as political structure, through slow stages rather than drastic steps.
gradually by small steps or degrees.
graduate to be given a degree or diploma upon completing studies at a school, college, or university. [6 definitions]
graduated arranged in successive stages. [2 definitions]
graduation the act or process of graduating. [4 definitions]
Graecism variant of Grecism.
Graeco- see "Greco-."
graffito something written, scratched, or drawn on a wall or the like, esp. in a public place by a private individual not hired or authorized to do so. [2 definitions]
graft1 a detached portion of a plant, such as a shoot, that is placed into a slit or the like on another plant so as to become a living part of it. [9 definitions]