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grantor in law, one who makes a grant.
granular made up of, containing, or resembling small particles or grains. [2 definitions]
granulate to make into small particles or grains. [3 definitions]
granulation tissue tissue that forms in ulcers and often in healing wounds, consisting of small bumps of newly forming capillaries; proud flesh.
granule a small particle or grain.
granuloma a mass of granulation tissue caused by inflammation.
grape a smooth-skinned, juicy, berrylike fruit, either green, red, or purple, that grows in clusters on woody vines, and that is crushed and fermented to make wine. [3 definitions]
grapefruit a large, juicy citrus fruit having a yellow rind and tart yellow or pink pulp. [2 definitions]
grape hyacinth any of various hardy plants of the lily family that are native to Europe and Asia and bear thick clusters of blue or white globular flowers.
grape ivy a climbing vine having hairy, trifoliate leaves, related to the grape and grown as a houseplant.
grapeshot formerly, a cluster of small iron balls shot from cannons.
grape sugar see "glucose."
grapevine a grape-bearing vine. [2 definitions]
-graph something drawn or written. [2 definitions]
graph a diagram that expresses a relationship between two or more variable quantities or factors by lines, bars, dots, or the like. [5 definitions]
-grapher one who writes or records in (such) a way or about (such) a topic.
-graphic of or relating to (such) a method of recording, printing, or transmitting. [2 definitions]
graphic of or related to pictorial or typographical representations such as photography, painting, and printing. [7 definitions]
graphic arts arts such as etching or photography in which limited multiples of an image, each considered an original, are printed from the plate, screen, block, or piece of film on which the artist creates the image. [2 definitions]
graphic organizer a chart or other visual means of displaying relationships between pieces of information.
graphics (used with a sing. verb) the art of making mathematically accurate drawings, esp. in engineering. [3 definitions]