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grantable combined form of grant.
granted admittedly (used when admitting that something is true).
grantee in law, a person to whom a grant is made.
grant-in-aid a grant of funds made by the federal government to a state or by a foundation to an individual or group, that provides financial aid for a project or program.
grantor in law, one who makes a grant.
granular made up of, containing, or resembling small particles or grains. [2 definitions]
granulate to make into small particles or grains. [3 definitions]
granulation tissue tissue that forms in ulcers and often in healing wounds, consisting of small bumps of newly forming capillaries; proud flesh.
granule a small particle or grain.
granuloma a mass of granulation tissue caused by inflammation.
grape a smooth-skinned, juicy, berrylike fruit, either green, red, or purple, that grows in clusters on woody vines, and that is crushed and fermented to make wine. [3 definitions]
grapefruit a large, juicy citrus fruit having a yellow rind and tart yellow or pink pulp. [2 definitions]
grape hyacinth any of various hardy plants of the lily family that are native to Europe and Asia and bear thick clusters of blue or white globular flowers.
grape ivy a climbing vine having hairy, trifoliate leaves, related to the grape and grown as a houseplant.
grapeshot formerly, a cluster of small iron balls shot from cannons.
grape sugar see "glucose."
grapevine a grape-bearing vine. [2 definitions]
-graph something drawn or written. [2 definitions]
graph a diagram that expresses a relationship between two or more variable quantities or factors by lines, bars, dots, or the like. [5 definitions]
-grapher one who writes or records in (such) a way or about (such) a topic.
-graphic of or relating to (such) a method of recording, printing, or transmitting. [2 definitions]