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grassroots originating with or operating among the common people.
grass roots (used with a sing. or pl. verb) the common mass of people, esp. those in local areas as opposed to the political or cultural centers. [2 definitions]
grass snake any of several common small harmless snakes, such as the garter or green snake.
grass tree any of several related Australian plants having thick, woody stems and stiff, grasslike leaves, and bearing spikes of white flowers.
grass widow a woman who is separated or divorced from her husband. [2 definitions]
grass widower a man who is separated or divorced from his wife. [2 definitions]
grassy covered with grass. [2 definitions]
grate1 a framework of crossed or parallel bars that serves as a covering, guard, or the like. [4 definitions]
grate2 to make a sharp rasping noise, as of scraping. [5 definitions]
grateful feeling or showing appreciation for kindnesses or benefits; thankful. [2 definitions]
gratefully with appreciation for another's kindness or for benefits received.
grater a kitchen device with a jagged surface that allows one to reduce food substances to shreds.
gratification the act of gratifying, or the condition or feeling of being gratified. [2 definitions]
gratify to give pleasure or satisfaction to (someone). [2 definitions]
gratifying causing pleasure or satisfaction, esp. after the accomplishment of something.
grating1 a framework of crossed or parallel bars that covers an opening; grate.
grating2 (of a sound) harsh, jarring, or discordant. [2 definitions]
gratis without charging money; freely. [2 definitions]
gratitude the state or feeling of being thankful or appreciative; gratefulness.
gratuitous given or done without sufficient reason or justification; unwarranted. [2 definitions]
gratuitous contract a contract benefitting only one of the parties.