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grass widow a woman who is separated or divorced from her husband. [2 definitions]
grass widower a man who is separated or divorced from his wife. [2 definitions]
grassy covered with grass. [2 definitions]
grate1 a framework of crossed or parallel bars that serves as a covering, guard, or the like. [4 definitions]
grate2 to make a sharp rasping noise, as of scraping. [5 definitions]
grateful feeling or showing appreciation for kindnesses or benefits; thankful. [2 definitions]
gratefully with appreciation for another's kindness or for benefits received.
grater a kitchen device with a jagged surface that allows one to reduce food substances to shreds.
gratification the act of gratifying, or the condition or feeling of being gratified. [2 definitions]
gratify to give pleasure or satisfaction to (someone). [2 definitions]
gratifying causing pleasure or satisfaction, esp. after the accomplishment of something.
grating1 a framework of crossed or parallel bars that covers an opening; grate.
grating2 (of a sound) harsh, jarring, or discordant. [2 definitions]
gratis without charging money; freely. [2 definitions]
gratitude the state or feeling of being thankful or appreciative; gratefulness.
gratuitous given or done without sufficient reason or justification; unwarranted. [2 definitions]
gratuitous contract a contract benefitting only one of the parties.
gratuity extra money given voluntarily for services rendered; tip.
graupel precipitation in the form of snow pellets.
gravamen in law, the essential part of a complaint or accusation, which usu. weighs most heavily against the accused.
grave1 a hole dug in the ground for burying a dead body. [4 definitions]