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green the color of emeralds or of young, growing foliage; the color lying between yellow and blue on the spectrum. [17 definitions]
green alga any of numerous algae with green coloring, such as sea lettuce.
greenback a piece of U.S. paper money.
green bean a type of kidney bean characterized by its long thin green pod. [2 definitions]
greenbrier any of various climbing plants of the lily family, having prickly stems and thick oval leaves, and often bearing black berries.
green card a registration card that allows an alien to live and be employed in the United States.
green corn young ears of sweet corn.
green dragon a wildflower of eastern North America that bears tiny flowers at the base of a long thin spike surrounded by narrow leaves.
greenery green vegetables or foliage.
green-eyed (informal) afflicted with envy; jealous.
greengage a type of plum characterized by its gold-green skin and flesh and its sweet taste.
greenhorn a youthful or inexperienced person. [2 definitions]
greenhouse a building or enclosure, usu. having a glass roof and walls, for growing and tending plants in a controlled atmosphere.
greenhouse effect the warming trend on the surface and in the lower atmosphere of a planet, held by scientists to occur when solar radiation is trapped, as by emissions from the planet.
greenhouse gas any atmospheric gas that absorbs and emits radiant energy and contributes to the greenhouse effect.
greening any of various types of apple whose skin remains green when the fruit is ripe.
Greenland the largest island in the world, a self-governing possession of Denmark between Iceland and the northeastern coastal islands of Canada.
green light the green-colored light that signifies that oncoming traffic has the right of way. [2 definitions]
green mold any of various fungi whose spores are greenish.
green monkey any of several small, ground-dwelling West African monkeys whose gray hair has a greenish tinge.
green onion a variety of onion that is picked while very young, has a long green stem, and is often eaten raw; scallion.