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grillroom a restaurant or part of a restaurant where grilled foods are a specialty.
grillwork a grille, or material functioning as or resembling a grille.
grilse a young male salmon that has returned to fresh water for its first spawning.
grim stern and unrelenting; harsh. [3 definitions]
grimace a contorted facial expression that shows pain, disgust, or contempt. [2 definitions]
grimalkin a cat, esp. an old female cat. [2 definitions]
grime dirt, soot, or the like, esp. clinging to or embedded in a surface. [2 definitions]
grimly in a grim manner; firmly and cheerlessly, and without giving rise to hope of a change of mind or change of fate.
grimy covered or filled with grime; extremely dirty.
grin to smile broadly, so that the teeth are revealed. [5 definitions]
grind to crush or make by crushing into fine particles. [12 definitions]
grinder a person or machine that grinds. [3 definitions]
grindstone a stone wheel that is rotated to sharpen implements or weapons, grind grain, or sand and shape items by abrasion.
grin like a Cheshire cat to smile in a mysterious or inscrutable manner.
grip a firm grasp, or the pressure of such a grasp. [14 definitions]
gripe (informal) to complain continually; nag; grumble. [6 definitions]
grippe influenza.
griseofulvin an antibiotic taken by mouth, esp. for fungus infections of the skin.
gris-gris variant of grigri.
grisly giving rise to fear, horror, or repugnance; gruesome.
grist grain to be ground, or enough grain for grinding at one time. [2 definitions]