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grist grain to be ground, or enough grain for grinding at one time. [2 definitions]
grist for the mill something that can be used to advantage or for one's purposes.
gristle cartilage, esp. in meat used for food.
gristmill a mill that grinds grain, esp. grain brought by customers.
grit tiny abrasive particles, as of sand. [7 definitions]
grits hominy that has been hulled and coarsely ground.
gritty composed of, containing, or similar to grit. [2 definitions]
grivet a small, long-tailed monkey of North Africa that has olive-gray fur and a dark face and paws, and that lives on the ground.
grizzle to make or become gray or somewhat gray.
grizzled gray or somewhat gray. [2 definitions]
grizzly partly or somewhat gray in color. [2 definitions]
grizzly bear a large, fierce bear found in northwestern parts of North America, with a coat that varies from grayish to brown.
groan a low-pitched, prolonged sound expressing pain, grief, disapproval, or the like. [6 definitions]
groat a silver coin formerly minted in England worth four pence.
groats hulled kernels of grain, esp. barley, buckwheat, or oats, often coarsely broken up.
grocer one who sells food and other supplies for household use; one who owns or manages a grocery store.
groceries food and other supplies for the home that people buy at a store.
grocery a store in which food and other supplies for household use are sold. [2 definitions]
grocery store a store in which food and other supplies for household use are sold.
grog any alcoholic drink, esp. a mixture of rum with water.
grogginess the state of being groggy; the state of being confused, dazed, or slow to return to consciousness or wakefulness.