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grudge a feeling of resentment harbored against someone because of a real or imagined injustice. [4 definitions]
grudging reluctant or unwilling.
gruel thin boiled oatmeal.
grueling extremely tiring or demanding; arduous.
gruesome repugnantly frightful; horrid.
gruff low and hoarse-sounding. [2 definitions]
grumble to mutter dissatisfaction or complaints. [5 definitions]
grump a complaining, ill-tempered person. [3 definitions]
grumpy in a bad mood; irritable.
grungy (slang) dirty, messy, run-down; unpleasant.
grunion a small edible fish found in coastal waters of southwestern North America.
grunt to utter the short deep guttural sound of a hog. [7 definitions]
Gruyère a mild, pale yellow cheese of Switzerland.
gryphon a variant of griffin.
G-string a very brief garment covering the pubic area, worn by striptease dancers.
G-suit a full-body garment designed to nullify the effects of high acceleration by exerting pressure on the lower part of the body, worn esp. by astronauts.
GT abbreviation of "grand touring (car)."
guacamole a thick Mexican sauce made principally of mashed avocados, salsa or hot peppers, and onions.
guacharo a nocturnal tropical South American bird from whose young is derived an oil used for cooking and lighting.
guaco any of several tropical South American plants that yield a medicinal substance used to treat snakebite.
guaiacum any of a family of tropical trees bearing blue or purple flowers and encapsulated fruit. [3 definitions]