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gunfight a fight or duel in which guns, esp. pistols, are used. [2 definitions]
gunfire the firing of a gun.
gung-ho (informal) extremely enthusiastic and loyal, often in a naive way.
gunlock the mechanism in some firearms by which the charge is exploded.
gunman a person armed with a gun or skilled in the use of guns, esp. a professional killer.
gunmetal any of various metal alloys that have a dark gray, bluish gray, or black finish. [3 definitions]
gunnel the upper edge of the side of a boat or ship; gunwale.
gunner a soldier, sailor, or the like who operates or helps to operate artillery. [2 definitions]
gunnery the science of making and using guns, esp. heavy artillery. [3 definitions]
gunnery sergeant in the U.S. Marine Corps, a noncommissioned officer ranking below a master or first sergeant and above a staff sergeant.
gunny a strong, coarse fabric made of hemp or jute; burlap. [2 definitions]
gunnysack a large sack made of burlap.
gunplay an exchange of gunfire, usu. in a civilian setting.
gunpoint the front end of a firearm's barrel.
gunpowder an explosive used to propel a gun projectile, esp. the explosive made from potassium nitrate, sulfur, and charcoal; black powder.
gun room a room for storing or displaying guns.
gunrunning smuggling of guns, ammunition, or other military supplies into a country.
guns and butter a symbolic representation of government spending for military or civilian needs.
gunship an armed helicopter used in support of ground forces.
gunshot the firing of a gun or the sound made by it. [4 definitions]
gun-shy easily frightened by the sound of gunfire, as a dog. [2 definitions]