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Gurkha a Nepalese Rajput. [2 definitions]
gurnard any of a family of marine fishes having enlarged pectoral fins with which they can glide through the air for short distances; flying gurnard or butterfly fish. [2 definitions]
gurney a padded hospital stretcher on wheels, used to transport patients.
guru in Hinduism and some forms of Buddhism, a personal religious instructor and spiritual guide. [4 definitions]
gush to flood out abundantly and with considerable force, as a liquid being released from compression; spurt. [7 definitions]
gusher one that gushes. [2 definitions]
gushy characterized by or inclined toward excessive emotional or sentimental display in communication or behavior.
gusset a triangular piece inserted at a curve to strengthen it or improve the fit, as in a garment. [2 definitions]
gussy (informal) to dress in one's best clothes, or to dress in an exaggeratedly showy manner (usu. fol. by "up"). [2 definitions]
gust a sudden rush or blast of wind. [3 definitions]
gustatory of or pertaining to the sense of taste or the act of tasting.
gusto vigorous or hearty enjoyment or appreciation.
gusty marked by gusts, as of wind or rain. [2 definitions]
gut the food canal or a part of it, esp. the stomach or intestines. [11 definitions]
gutbucket jazz played in a raucous, unsophisticated style.
gutless (informal) lacking courage or determination.
gutsy (informal) bold; courageous. [2 definitions]
gutta-percha the latex exuded from a variety of related Malaysian trees, used to make various cements and coatings.
gutter a shallow channel or trough for draining water, as under the eaves of a roof or along the edge of a road or street. [10 definitions]
guttersnipe a person deemed to come from or have the attributes of the lowest class of society. [2 definitions]
guttural of, pertaining to, or produced in the throat. [4 definitions]