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Ha symbol of the chemical element hahnium.
ha used as an exclamation of triumph, surprise, discovery, perplexity, or annoyance.
Habakkuk a minor Hebrew prophet of the seventh century B.C. [2 definitions]
habeas corpus in law, a writ calling for a detained person to be brought before a court, designed to insure against unlawful detention or imprisonment.
haberdasher in the United States, a retailer of menswear.
haberdashery a shop that sells men's clothing and furnishings. [2 definitions]
habergeon a short, high-necked, and usu. sleeveless coat of mail. [2 definitions]
habibi (Arabic) darling; beloved.
habiliment (pl.) the equipment or furnishings characteristic of a particular setting or pursuit. [2 definitions]
habilitate to clothe; outfit. [2 definitions]
habit an act performed regularly; routine. [5 definitions]
habitable capable of being lived in.
habitant1 inhabitant; resident.
habitant2 a farmer of French descent living in Canada or Louisiana.
habitat the natural environment of a plant or animal. [2 definitions]
Habitat for Humanity a non-profit worldwide housing organization founded in 1976 that recruits volunteers to build houses purchased through interest-free loans by the needy.
habitation the act or process of inhabiting. [2 definitions]
habit-forming tending to become habitual or addictive, as a drug.
habitual in accordance with habit; customary. [3 definitions]
habituate to make accustomed to.
habitude customary condition or practice.