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Hail Mary see "Ave Maria."
hailstone a single pellet of hail.
hailstorm a storm or shower accompanied by hail.
hair any of the single, thin, thread-like strands that grow from the skin of mammals. [4 definitions]
hairbreadth extremely close or narrow. [2 definitions]
hairbrush a brush used to groom and arrange the hair.
haircloth a stiff fabric of animal hairs, esp. horsehair woven with cotton, and used for upholstery and interlining.
haircut the act or process of cutting hair. [2 definitions]
hairdo the style or shape in which hair is arranged; coiffure.
hairdresser one who cuts or styles hair, esp. women's hair.
hairdressing the occupation of one who cuts or styles hair. [4 definitions]
hairless having no hair; bald.
hairline the border of where one's hair naturally grows, esp. at the forehead. [3 definitions]
hairnet a net of fine mesh, worn to hold the hair in place.
hairpiece a toupee, wig, or the like.
hairpin a U-shaped pin with long sides, usu. of thin metal wire, used to hold, or hold something to, the hair. [2 definitions]
hair-raising causing fright or excitement.
hairsbreadth an extremely close or narrow margin or distance.
hair shirt a coarse haircloth shirt or shift worn next to the skin as penance.
hairsplitting the act of making excessively or unnecessarily fine distinctions.
hair spray a liquid fixative applied to the hair from a spray can.