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halation a blurred halo of light spreading around a bright area or object on a photograph or televised image.
halazone a white crystalline chlorine powder, usu. in tablet form, used to purify small amounts of drinking water.
halberd a shafted weapon of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries with an axlike blade and a steel spear at the top.
halcyon a mythical bird identified with the kingfisher and believed to have the power to calm the sea during the winter solstice. [4 definitions]
hale1 in good health.
hale2 to force to go, as by pulling or dragging; haul.
haler the smaller monetary unit of the Czech and Slovak Republics; heller. (Cf. koruna.)
half one of two equal parts of a whole. [7 definitions]
half-and-half of two things in equal portions; half one thing and half another. [3 definitions]
half-assed (vulgar slang) unplanned or poorly planned; haphazard. [3 definitions]
halfback in football, one of two offensive players lined up on either side of the fullback behind the line of scrimmage. [2 definitions]
half-baked not well thought out; ill-conceived, ill-planned, or unrealistic. [3 definitions]
half blood kinship through only one of the parents. [2 definitions]
half-blood a person related to another person through one parent only. [3 definitions]
half boot a boot that reaches to the middle of the lower leg.
half-breed (offensive) one whose parents are of different racial extraction, esp. Caucasian and Native American. [2 definitions]
half brother a male offspring related to siblings through one parent only.
half-caste (offensive) one whose parents are of different origins, esp. European and Hindu or European and Muslim. [2 definitions]
half-circle one half of a circle; semicircle.
half cock the partly raised position of the hammer of a firearm, at which point the trigger locks and cannot be pulled.
half-cocked of a firearm, with the hammer raised halfway and locked to prevent firing. [2 definitions]