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halftone in art, an intermediate tone, shade, or value between light and dark. [4 definitions]
half-track a motor vehicle, esp. an armored military one, with an endless-chain track on the rear drive wheels, or the track itself.
half-truth a partially true or correct statement, esp. one that intentionally omits facts essential for full truthfulness or accuracy, or includes some untruths.
half volley a racket stroke, as in tennis, that hits the ball just as it bounces up after striking the ground.
halfway to or at the midpoint between two ends or conditions. [4 definitions]
halfway house a special residence where people who have been released from institutions, such as mental patients, prisoners, and drug addicts, are helped to adjust to ordinary life.
half-wit one who is mentally retarded or deficient. [2 definitions]
halibut any of several large, edible flatfishes found in the northern Atlantic or Pacific.
halide a chemical compound consisting of a halogen and one other element or group.
halite a mineral composed of sodium chloride; rock salt.
halitosis foul-smelling breath.
hall a narrow passageway in a building; corridor. [3 definitions]
hallelujah an exclamation used to express praise, as of God, or joy or gratitude. [2 definitions]
Halley's Comet a comet, last seen in 1986, that returns every seventy-six years.
halliard variant of halyard.
hallmark an official mark or stamp used in England to certify that a gold or silver article meets established standards of purity. [4 definitions]
hallo used as a greeting, esp. from a distance, or to catch someone's attention. [6 definitions]
Hall of Fame a memorial hall or building dedicated to illustrious or famous persons in a particular profession, sport, or the like. [2 definitions]
halloo to call out loudly to attract the attention of (someone). [3 definitions]
hallow to consecrate or make holy. [3 definitions]
hallowed considered sacred; venerated. [2 definitions]