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hallucinatory of, similar to, or caused by hallucinations.
hallucinogen a natural or synthetic substance that induces false or distorted sensory perceptions.
hallway a narrow passage in a house or building; corridor. [2 definitions]
halo a circle of light depicted in paintings as shining around the head of a divine or sacred being. [2 definitions]
halo- halogen. [2 definitions]
halocarbon a chemical compound of carbon and a halogen.
halo effect the tendency of extraneous material or ideas to affect a judgment, attitude, or the like, esp. in a favorable direction. [2 definitions]
halogen any of the five nonmetallic elements fluorine, chlorine, iodine, bromine, and astatine.
halogenate to treat or combine with a halogen. [2 definitions]
haloid like or derived from a halogen.
Halong Bay a body of water in the Gulf of Tonkin along the coast of northern Vietnam that is densely clustered with vegetation-covered, monolithic islands, many of which have caves.
haloperidol an antipsychotic drug used to treat alcohol withdrawal and psychological disorders such as schizophrenia.
halt1 to stop or pause, as in a movement or operation. [4 definitions]
halt2 to falter or stumble in movement, thought, writing, and the like. [3 definitions]
halter1 a rope or strap with a bitless headstall that is set on the head or neck, as of a horse or ox, to restrain or guide the animal. [5 definitions]
halter2 either of a pair of club-shaped appendages that form rudimentary hind wings on an insect, such as the fly or mosquito, and serve to maintain its balance in flight.
halting limping or crippled. [2 definitions]
halvah a sweet, candylike Turkish confection made of ground sesame seeds and honey.
halve to divide into two equal parts. [4 definitions]
halves pl. of half.
halyard a rope used for raising and lowering a sail, flag, or the like.