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halter2 either of a pair of club-shaped appendages that form rudimentary hind wings on an insect, such as the fly or mosquito, and serve to maintain its balance in flight.
halting limping or crippled. [2 definitions]
halvah a sweet, candylike Turkish confection made of ground sesame seeds and honey.
halve to divide into two equal parts. [4 definitions]
halves pl. of half.
halyard a rope used for raising and lowering a sail, flag, or the like.
ham1 the rear quarter of a hog, esp. the thigh, or the meat of this section in fresh or smoked form. [3 definitions]
ham2 an actor who calls attention to himself or herself by overacting. [3 definitions]
hamadryad in Greek and Roman mythology, a dryad or wood nymph who lives only as long as does the tree in which she dwells. [2 definitions]
Haman according to the Old Testament, the grand vizier of the Persian empire who conspired to have the Jews of that country massacred, but who was hanged when his plot was exposed.
hamate bone a wedge-shaped bone on the side of the wrist that has a hooklike projection on the surface near the palm.
hamburger ground beef in bulk or in a patty, or the sandwich in which such meat is commonly served.
hame either of two curved wooden or metal pieces of a harness collar that fit on either side of a draft animal's neck and to which the traces are attached.
ham-handed clumsy or indelicate, as using large awkward hands or an awkward, insensitive approach.
Hamilton the capital of Bermuda.
Hamlet in one of Shakespeare's tragedies, the title character, a prince who avenges his father's death by slaying the murderer, his own uncle.
hamlet a small village or settlement.
hammer a hand tool having a solid, heavy head set across a handle and used to pound, indent, or beat metal, nails, or the like into shape or place, or any similar device. [14 definitions]
hammer and sickle a representation of these implements, crossed, used as a symbol of the Communist party, the hammer representing workers and the sickle representing peasants.
hammered dulcimer see "dulcimer."
hammerhead the head of a hammer. [2 definitions]