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hammered dulcimer see "dulcimer."
hammerhead the head of a hammer. [2 definitions]
hammerless combined form of hammer.
hammerlock a hold in which a wrestler pulls one arm of an opponent backward and twists it upward.
hammer out to construct or bring about (an agreement or settlement) with energy and determination on all sides.
hammertoe a deformity of the toe in which the second and third joints are permanently bent downward, or a toe so deformed.
hammock a hanging, swingable lounge or bed made of canvas or other strong fabric or netting and slung between two trees or other supports.
Hammurabi a king and lawgiver of Babylonia (about the eighteenth century B.C.).
hammy characteristic of someone who overacts. [2 definitions]
hamper1 to impede or interfere with the progress or action of.
hamper2 a large receptacle, usu. a basket with a lid or cover, as for picnic supplies or dirty laundry.
hamster any of several short-tailed, round-bodied Eurasian rodents that have large cheek pouches, often kept as pets or laboratory animals.
hamstring one of two tendons at the hollow of a human knee. [5 definitions]
hanbok traditional Korean clothing, esp. a garment consisting of a short, long-sleeved jacket and a very high-waisted flowing skirt.
hand the part on the end of the human arm, used for grasping or holding. [17 definitions]
hand- for or by the hand.
hand ax a primitive, handleless stone implement shaped and used like the head of an ax.
handbag a bag or similar receptacle, used usu. by women to carry small personal articles and necessities; purse. [2 definitions]
handball a game for two or four players in which a ball is batted against a wall or walls with the hand. [2 definitions]
handbarrow a flat frame or litter with pairs of handles at each end by which it can be carried by two people.
handbill a printed announcement or advertisement to be distributed by hand.