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handlebars a curved bar with handles on a bicycle or similar vehicle.
handleless combined form of handle.
handler a person who handles something. [3 definitions]
handless combined form of hand.
handle with kid gloves to treat with care, caution, tact, or the like.
handling a using of the hands to touch or carry. [2 definitions]
handmade made, prepared, or fashioned by hand or with hand tools, rather than by machine.
handmaid a female servant or attendant. [2 definitions]
handmaiden a handmaid.
hand-me-down used clothing or some other article passed on to someone, as from an older brother or sister. [4 definitions]
handoff in football, the act, usu. by the quarterback, of handing the ball off to another offensive player.
hand organ a portable barrel organ that is played by turning a crank by hand.
handout a charitable offering of food, clothing, money, or the like to the poor or needy. [2 definitions]
hand out to give to each person; pass out; distribute.
hand over to give up control of (someone or something); surrender.
hand-painted painted by a person, as opposed to being painted by a machine.
handpick to pick (fruits or the like) by hand rather than by machine. [2 definitions]
handprint a mark or impression left by the palm and fingers of the hand.
handrail a narrow rail for support or protection, to be gripped by the hand, as on a stairway.
handsaw a saw with a handle at one end.
hand's-breadth see "handbreadth."