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hammy characteristic of someone who overacts. [2 definitions]
hamper1 to impede or interfere with the progress or action of.
hamper2 a large receptacle, usu. a basket with a lid or cover, as for picnic supplies or dirty laundry.
hamster any of several short-tailed, round-bodied Eurasian rodents that have large cheek pouches, often kept as pets or laboratory animals.
hamstring one of two tendons at the hollow of a human knee. [5 definitions]
hanbok traditional Korean clothing, esp. a garment consisting of a short, long-sleeved jacket and a very high-waisted flowing skirt.
hand the part on the end of the human arm, used for grasping or holding. [17 definitions]
hand- for or by the hand.
hand ax a primitive, handleless stone implement shaped and used like the head of an ax.
handbag a bag or similar receptacle, used usu. by women to carry small personal articles and necessities; purse. [2 definitions]
handball a game for two or four players in which a ball is batted against a wall or walls with the hand. [2 definitions]
handbarrow a flat frame or litter with pairs of handles at each end by which it can be carried by two people.
handbill a printed announcement or advertisement to be distributed by hand.
handbook a book or pamphlet that gives concise information or instruction on a specific subject; manual.
handbreadth a unit of length usu. equal to four inches or approximately ten centimeters; hand's-breadth; hand's breadth.
handcar a small platform or open car on wheels, usu. powered by a hand pump and used on a railway to transport railroad workers and equipment over short distances.
handcart a small, often two-wheeled cart drawn or pushed by hand.
handclasp the grasping of each other's hands by two or more people, as a salutation or expression of affection, sympathy, or the like.
handcraft variant of handicraft. [2 definitions]
handcuff one of two ring-shaped metal restraints that can be locked around a prisoner's wrists, usu. connected to each other by a short chain or bar. [3 definitions]
hand down to give to one's children or successors.