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handcart a small, often two-wheeled cart drawn or pushed by hand.
handclasp the grasping of each other's hands by two or more people, as a salutation or expression of affection, sympathy, or the like.
handcraft variant of handicraft. [2 definitions]
handcuff one of two ring-shaped metal restraints that can be locked around a prisoner's wrists, usu. connected to each other by a short chain or bar. [3 definitions]
hand down to give to one's children or successors.
handed of or pertaining to the preference for or dexterity in using one hand rather than the other (usu. used in combination). [2 definitions]
handedness a tendency to use one hand more than the other (usu. used in combination).
handful a quantity that can be held in a single hand. [3 definitions]
hand grenade a small hand-thrown explosive shell that is exploded by a fuse or on impact.
handgun a firearm that can be held and used with one hand, such as a pistol.
hand-held small or light enough to be operated while held in the hand. [2 definitions]
handhold something that can be gripped by the hand, as in climbing. [2 definitions]
handicap a disability or disadvantage that acts as an impediment or limitation. [6 definitions]
handicapped having a physical or mental disability. [3 definitions]
handicraft skill at making things by hand. [2 definitions]
handily easily; capably. [2 definitions]
hand in to submit, usually by hand (something that is due, such as an assignment, test paper, or report). [2 definitions]
handiwork work produced by hand, such as embroidery. [2 definitions]
handkerchief a small piece of thin cloth, usu. square and sometimes ornamented and used to wipe the nose, face, neck, or hands, or worn as decoration in a pocket.
hand-knit knitted by hand rather than by machine. [2 definitions]
handle a part designed to be grasped in order to lift or hold the thing to which it is attached. [7 definitions]