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handout a charitable offering of food, clothing, money, or the like to the poor or needy. [2 definitions]
hand out to give to each person; pass out; distribute.
hand over to give up control of (someone or something); surrender.
hand-painted painted by a person, as opposed to being painted by a machine.
handpick to pick (fruits or the like) by hand rather than by machine. [2 definitions]
handprint a mark or impression left by the palm and fingers of the hand.
handrail a narrow rail for support or protection, to be gripped by the hand, as on a stairway.
handsaw a saw with a handle at one end.
hand's-breadth see "handbreadth."
handset a telephone with the receiver and transmitter contained in a single hand-held unit.
handshake the clasping and shaking of hands between two people as in greeting, congratulation, or leave-taking.
hands-off not taking part; not interfering.
handsome having a pleasing, attractive, and healthy appearance. [3 definitions]
hands-on of or pertaining to active participation, as distinguished from mere observation or study.
handspring a complete somersault in which a person flips forward or backward onto the hands and ends with a springing return to the standing position.
handstand an act of balancing the body on the hands with the feet extended upward.
hand-to-hand involving physical contact between opponents, as in military combat.
hand-to-mouth offering or providing only the barest necessities.
hand to mouth in a way that provides only for one's barest needs at the present time without any provision for the future.
hand truck a small vehicle with two wheels and handles for moving heavy things.
handwork work done by hand rather than by machine.