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hanger one who hangs something. [3 definitions]
hanger-on one who attaches himself or herself to a person or group in hope of personal advantage.
hang glider a large kitelike apparatus used for sailing in the air, usu. with a harness and handle for one person.
hanging the act, process, or instance of executing a person by means of suspending the body from a rope attached around the neck. [5 definitions]
hang in the balance to be very uncertain.
hangman the person who hangs those condemned to die by hanging; executioner.
hangnail a small, loose flap of skin at the side or base of the fingernail.
hang on to cling tightly. [2 definitions]
hangout a place where a person or group spends a good deal of time, esp. during idle or leisure hours.
hang out (informal) to spend a lot of time at a place with no particular purpose. [2 definitions]
hangover the unpleasant aftereffects, such as headache or nausea, of drinking too much alcohol, usu. experienced after sleep.
hang-up (informal) an unspecified psychological or emotional impediment or fixation. [2 definitions]
hang up to put (the telephone receiver) back in its cradle. [3 definitions]
hank a coil or length, as of yarn or hair. [2 definitions]
hanker to crave or long for something (often fol. by "for" or "after").
hanky a handkerchief.
hanky-panky (informal) devious, unethical, or illegal conduct. [2 definitions]
Hanoi the capital of Vietnam.
Hanover a member of Great Britain's ruling family in 1714-1901, or the name of the family itself.
Hansa a medieval merchants' guild. [2 definitions]
Hanseatic League a medieval association of northern European free towns, formed to promote and protect merchants' interests.