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hank a coil or length, as of yarn or hair. [2 definitions]
hanker to crave or long for something (often fol. by "for" or "after").
hanky a handkerchief.
hanky-panky (informal) devious, unethical, or illegal conduct. [2 definitions]
Hanoi the capital of Vietnam.
Hanover a member of Great Britain's ruling family in 1714-1901, or the name of the family itself.
Hansa a medieval merchants' guild. [2 definitions]
Hanseatic League a medieval association of northern European free towns, formed to promote and protect merchants' interests.
Hansen's disease leprosy.
hansom a two-wheeled, two-passenger, covered carriage drawn by one horse, and driven by a person who sits behind and above the passengers.
Hanukkah an eight-day festival beginning on the twenty-fifth day of Kislev in which, by lighting the menorah each night, Jews celebrate the victory of the Maccabees over the Syrians, the rededication of the temple at Jerusalem, and the miracle of the lamp.
hao the smaller monetary unit of Vietnam. (Cf. dong.)
hap chance or luck. [3 definitions]
haphazard not organized or based on reason or logic; without aim or purpose. [3 definitions]
haphazardly by chance or accident. [2 definitions]
hapless not favored by chance; unlucky; unfortunate.
haploid in biology, having a single set of non-sex-determining chromosomes. (See diploid.) [2 definitions]
haply by chance; fortuitously; perhaps.
happen to take place; occur. [4 definitions]
happening something that happens; event; occurrence. [2 definitions]
happenstance accident or chance.