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hardwood any of several types of tree, such as the oak, cherry, or mahogany, that have broad leaves, bear seeds enclosed in an ovary, and yield dense, compact wood. [2 definitions]
hard-working tending to work hard.
hardy able to endure hardship; rugged; courageous. [2 definitions]
hare any of various plant-eating mammals that resemble and are related to the rabbit, but that usu. are larger and have longer ears and hind legs.
hare and hounds an outdoor game of pursuit in which one group sets off first, leaving a trail of paper scraps for the second group to follow.
harebell a slender perennial bearing clusters of bell-shaped blue flowers.
harebrained reckless or flighty.
Hare Krishna a religious sect, founded in 1966 in the United States, whose followers worship Krishna and honor certain scriptures of the Veda. [2 definitions]
harelip a congenital split in the lip, usu. the upper one.
harem a house or section of a house or palace set aside for the female members of a Muslim household, or the occupants themselves.
harem pants lightweight pants for women which are fitted at the waist and ankles and have loose, billowy legs.
haricot the plant that produces kidney beans, or the bean itself. [2 definitions]
hari-kari see "hara-kiri."
hark to listen or give heed; pay attention, esp. to sounds, words of advice, or the like.
hark back to return to a previous point, or, as in memory, to an earlier time or subject.
harken variant of hearken.
Harlem a section of northern Manhattan in New York City, mostly African American since the early 1900s and with a substantial Hispanic population, known for both its poverty and its cultural richness.
Harlem Globetrotters world-renowned U.S. basketball team founded in 1927, which plays exhibition matches highlighting their extraordinary skill and comic maneuvers.
harlequin (often cap.) a clown in Italian popular comedy of the sixteenth to eighteenth centuries, traditionally masked and dressed in multicolored diamond-patterned tights. [3 definitions]
harlot a promiscuous woman, esp. one who sells sexual services; prostitute.
harlotry prostitution.