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hayfield a field of grass or other plants as a source of hay.
hayfork a long-handled fork for moving hay; pitchfork. [2 definitions]
hayloft the upper part of a barn or stable, used for storing hay.
haymaker (informal) a knockout blow with the fist. [2 definitions]
haymow a barn loft for storing hay; hayloft. [2 definitions]
hayride a pleasure ride by a group of people in an open wagon that is partly filled with hay.
hayseed grass seed that has fallen from hay. [3 definitions]
haystack a large stack of hay formed for outdoor storage.
haywire (informal) out of order; broken. [3 definitions]
hazard danger or risk. [6 definitions]
hazardous having great or numerous dangers; risky; perilous. [2 definitions]
haze1 a collection in the air of very fine particles, as of mist, smoke, or dust, that partly obscures vision of distant objects. [2 definitions]
haze2 to subject (someone, esp. a newcomer) to abusive treatment or to humiliating pranks or teasing, often as part of an initiation ceremony.
hazel any of various shrubs or small trees, many of which bear edible nuts. [5 definitions]
hazelnut the edible nut of a hazel; filbert.
hazmat materials that are hazardous to human life or the environment, such as asbestos, radioactive materials, explosive materials, and poisons (often used as a modifier of a noun).
hazy marked or obscured by haze; misty. [2 definitions]
HB abbreviation of "House Bill," in the U.S., a proposed law in consideration by the House of Representatives.
HBCU abbreviation of "historically Black college or university."
H-bomb a nuclear bomb with extremely destructive explosive power, that releases energy by the fusing of hydrogen nuclei; hydrogen bomb.
HD abbreviation of "high definition," used as a shortened form of "HDTV" ("high definition television").