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headfirst with the head in front of the body. [2 definitions]
headgear any covering, esp. protective, for the head. [2 definitions]
headhunt an expedition whose purpose is head-hunting. [2 definitions]
headhunter a member of any of certain tribes of people who cut off and preserve the heads of slain enemies as trophies. [2 definitions]
head-hunting the practice of cutting off and preserving as trophies the heads of slain enemies. [3 definitions]
heading a word, phrase, or the like at the top or front of a piece of writing; title; caption. [3 definitions]
headland a prominent and usu. high piece of land that projects into a body of water; promontory.
headless being without a head or having been beheaded. [2 definitions]
head lettuce a variety of lettuce, such as iceberg, in which the leaves form a round compact ball.
headlight a powerful light mounted on the front of a vehicle.
headline the title to a newspaper article or piece, esp. the largest or most prominent title. [4 definitions]
headliner a performer who is advertised as a main attraction; star.
headlock a wrestling hold in which one opponent's arm is locked around the head of the other.
headlong with the head leading or foremost. [4 definitions]
headman a leader or chief, as of a tribe or clan. [2 definitions]
headmaster a man who is principal of an elementary or secondary school, esp. a private school for boys.
headmistress a woman who is principal of an elementary or secondary school, esp. a private school for girls.
headmost being in the lead or foremost.
head off to interfere with the progress of; intercept.
head-on frontally opposed or facing, or meeting head-to-head or front-to-front, as in a conflict or collision. [3 definitions]
headphone (usu. pl.) a sound receiver, as for a radio or stereo system, that is held over one or both ears by a flexible band; earphones; headset.