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headphone (usu. pl.) a sound receiver, as for a radio or stereo system, that is held over one or both ears by a flexible band; earphones; headset.
headpiece a covering, usu. protective, for the head. [3 definitions]
headpin in bowling, the pin nearest to the bowler; kingpin.
headquarter to locate or situate (an organization, army division, or the like) with a headquarters in a specified location.
headquarters (used with a sing. or pl. verb) the primary center of administration of any organization. [2 definitions]
headrest a rest or support for the head, as on a chair or a seat in a motor vehicle.
headroom the clear space between the head and a ceiling, arch, or top of a doorway.
headsail any of various sails set on a ship's foremast, or to the front of a vessel's single mast.
headset one or two earphones and sometimes also a mouthpiece, held to the head by a flexible band.
headship the position or post of leader or head; leadership.
headsman an executioner who beheads persons condemned to death.
headstall the part of a bridle or harness that fits over a horse's head.
headstand the act of balancing upside down on one's head with the body vertical and usu. supported by the hands and arms.
head start an advantage, such as an early start, in a race or any other activity.
headstock the part of a machine that supports a revolving or moving part such as the spindle of a lathe.
headstone a memorial stone, usu. engraved, set at the head of a person's grave; gravestone.
headstream a stream that forms the source or one of the sources of a river.
headstrong insistent on having one's own way; willful; stubborn. [2 definitions]
heads-up (informal) an advance warning that something will happen. [3 definitions]
head-to-head in direct, often individual confrontation or opposition.
headwaiter one who oversees the other waiters in a restaurant and often is in charge of reservations and seating.