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headstrong insistent on having one's own way; willful; stubborn. [2 definitions]
heads-up (informal) an advance warning that something will happen. [3 definitions]
head-to-head in direct, often individual confrontation or opposition.
headwaiter one who oversees the other waiters in a restaurant and often is in charge of reservations and seating.
headwaters the streams in which a river originates.
headway1 progress in a forward direction. [2 definitions]
headway2 the clear space between the head and a ceiling, arch, or top of a doorway; headroom.
headwind a wind that blows opposite to the course of a ship, aircraft, or the like.
headwork work requiring mental effort; mental labor; serious thought.
heady intoxicating or exhilarating.
heal to make whole or healthy; cure. [4 definitions]
healer a being who heals or has the ability to heal others. [2 definitions]
health one's general mental and physical condition. [3 definitions]
health care the activity or field of maintaining health, including the prevention and treatment of disease and injury. [2 definitions]
health club a private club offering a variety of facilities, equipment, and instruction for physical exercise and fitness to a paid membership.
health food food believed to be esp. good for one's health, such as food that is organically grown and contains no chemical additives.
healthful beneficial to the health. [2 definitions]
health spa a commercial establishment offering a variety of facilities, equipment, and instruction for physical exercise and fitness.
healthy being free from illness; sound. [3 definitions]
heap a great number of things lying on top of each other; pile. [7 definitions]
hear to perceive with the ears. [7 definitions]