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heartburn a burning sensation in the lower chest, sometimes accompanied by a small regurgitation of stomach acid.
hearten to make hopeful, confident, or glad; give heart to; encourage.
heart failure the inability of the heart to pump enough blood to and from the body tissue, often resulting in death.
heartfelt deeply felt; earnest; sincere.
hearth the floor of a fireplace, often extending outward into a room. [3 definitions]
hearthstone stone that serves as or forms a hearth. [2 definitions]
heartily in a friendly or sincere manner; sincerely. [2 definitions]
heartiness the state or quality of being hearty.
heartland a central land area, esp. one considered to be economically, politically, or militarily vital to a nation or region.
heartless having or showing no pity or compassion; cruelly unfeeling.
heart rate the number of times the heart beats in one minute, esp. as a measure of how hard the heart is working during physical exercise or emotional stress; pulse.
heartrending causing or expressing deep sorrow or anguish.
heartsease peace of mind; tranquillity. [2 definitions]
heartsick extremely depressed, disappointed, or sad.
heart-stricken deeply afflicted with grief, dismay, or remorse.
heartstrings the deepest feelings of love or sympathy.
heartthrob an object of romantic love or infatuation. [3 definitions]
heart-to-heart freely expressing feelings; open; frank.
heartwarming causing a warm feeling of satisfaction or affection.
heartwood the center part or past growth of a tree, usu. darker and harder than recent outer growth or sapwood.
heartworm a parasitic worm (Dirofilaria immitis) transmitted by mosquitos that infects the pulmonary arteries and heart of mammals, esp. dogs. [2 definitions]