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hearty warm-hearted and sincere; friendly. [6 definitions]
heat the form of energy that one feels as warmth, or the state of being warm; warmth; hotness. [13 definitions]
heatable combined form of heat.
heated passionate or angry; excited. [2 definitions]
heater a device that heats or provides heat, esp. for a water supply or air space in a building. [2 definitions]
heat exchanger a device, such as automobile radiator, for transferring heat from a fluid on one side of a barrier to a fluid on the other side.
heat exhaustion a condition caused by excessive heat and characterized by dizziness, nausea, profuse sweating, and often complete collapse; heat prostration.
heath an area of wild, relatively flat, uncultivated land tending to favor only the growth of low, shrubby plants. [2 definitions]
heath aster a North American wildflower that grows in dry fields and bears small white flowers.
heathen someone who is regarded as being outside a given religious orthodoxy, esp. one not converted to Christianity, Judaism, or Islam; unconverted person. [5 definitions]
heathenize to cause to become heathen or heathenish.
heather any of several common low, shrubby, evergreen plants bearing clusters of tiny, pinkish purple, bell-shaped flowers.
heathless combined form of heath.
heating pad a pad containing insulated electric heating elements in a soft fabric covering, used to apply heat, as to a sore muscle.
heatless combined form of heat.
heat lightning lightning without thunder, seen esp. on hot evenings and believed to be reflections of more distant lightning.
heat prostration see "heat exhaustion."
heat pump a device for heating or cooling a building by transferring heat from a low-temperature reservoir by means of a compressor and a heat exchanger.
heat rash an acute skin condition resulting from inflammation of the sweat glands; miliaria.
heatstroke a condition caused by exposure to excessive heat and characterized by high fever, headaches, high body temperatures, and in severe cases convulsions or coma. (See sunstroke.)
heat up to make or become warm or hot. [2 definitions]