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heavy spar see "barite."
heavy water water composed of oxygen and deuterium; deuterium oxide.
heavyweight having great weight; very heavy. [6 definitions]
hebdomadal occurring weekly.
hebetate to blunt or dull (esp. the feelings or senses). [3 definitions]
hebetic of, pertaining to, or occurring at puberty.
hebetude the condition or quality of being dull or lethargic, esp. in mind; listlessness.
Hebraic of or characteristic of Hebrew language or culture.
Hebraism the character, customs, language, and the like of the Hebrew people. [2 definitions]
Hebrew a member of the group of Semitic people who trace descent from Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; Israelite; Jew. [3 definitions]
Hebrew calendar see "Jewish calendar."
Hebrews a book of the New Testament, consisting of a letter, by an unknown author, addressing Jews who had become Christians or Palestinian Jews.
Hecate in Greek mythology, a goddess of the earth and underworld, and later of witchcraft.
hecatomb in ancient Greece and Rome, a public sacrifice of one hundred cattle to the gods. [2 definitions]
heck (informal) a less offensive variant of the interjection "hell".
heckle to interrupt (someone) during a public speech or performance with intentionally annoying or provocative remarks or questions.
heckler one who disrupts a performance or public address with annoying remarks or questions.
hectare a unit of area equal to 10,000 square meters or 2.471 acres, used in measuring land.
hectic marked by excited activity or rapid, confusing movements; feverishly busy. [2 definitions]
hecto- one hundred.
hectogram a unit of weight equal to one hundred grams or 3.527 ounces.