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hedge a solid row of bushes, often used to mark a boundary. [5 definitions]
hedgehog any one of several small, insect-eating mammals having spiny hairs or quills on the back and sides that protect the animal, esp. when it rolls itself into a ball. [2 definitions]
hedgehop to fly very low in an airplane, avoiding trees and other obstacles by rising over them.
hedgerow a row of bushes or shrubs that forms a hedge or boundary.
hedonism the ethical doctrine that pleasure-seeking should be the primary goal of humans. [2 definitions]
hedonist one who believes that pleasure-seeking should be the primary goal of humans.
hedonistic adhering to or characterized by the principle that pleasure should be the primary aim in life.
-hedral having (such) a number or type of surfaces.
-hedron a solid geometric figure or crystal that has (such) a number or type of surfaces.
heebie-jeebies (informal) a feeling of fear or revulsion; creeps; jitters (prec. by "the").
heed to give one's attention to; take notice of. [3 definitions]
heedless careless or reckless.
heehaw the braying sound made by a donkey. [3 definitions]
heel1 the round, rear part of the human foot, or the corresponding part in animals. [9 definitions]
heel2 to lean to one side, as a boat. [3 definitions]
heeled having heels. [2 definitions]
heeler a person who heels shoes. [2 definitions]
heeltap a small amount of liquor left in a glass or bottle.
heft weight or heaviness, esp. as perceived by lifting. [3 definitions]
hefty of considerable weight or bulk. [2 definitions]
Hegelian of or concerning Hegel or his philosophy. [2 definitions]