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helpful providing aid or assistance.
helping the act or process of one who helps. [2 definitions]
helping verb another name for auxiliary verb.
helpless unable to take care of oneself or provide for one's basic needs. [3 definitions]
helpmate a helping companion, esp. a spouse.
helpmeet a helpmate.
help oneself to take for oneself that which is offered or seems freely available, without little or no hesitation or request for permission.
help out to give assistance, or to assist (someone or something).
Helsinki the seaport capital of Finland.
helter-skelter in a hurried, confused manner; recklessly. [5 definitions]
helve the handle of a tool such as an ax or maul.
hem1 to fold and stitch down the edge of (a garment, piece of cloth, or the like). [3 definitions]
hem2 used to get attention, suggest doubt, or the like. [4 definitions]
hema- see "hemo-."
hemacytometer see "hemocytometer."
he-man (informal) a strong, virile, or masterful man.
hem and haw to avoid speaking directly or frankly; speak evasively or unresponsively.
hematic of, concerning, containing, or affecting blood.
hematite a steel-gray or darkish red mineral that is the main form of iron ore, iron oxide.
hemato- blood.
hematoblast an immature blood cell.