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hermitage any place where a hermit lives. [3 definitions]
hermit crab any of numerous crabs that have soft unprotected abdomens and that live in the discarded shells of mollusks such as snails.
Hernando CortÚs a Spanish explorer and conqueror of Mexico (1485-1547).
Hernando De Soto a Spanish explorer in America (b.1500?--d.1542).
hernia a medical condition in which an organ protrudes through the wall that contains it, esp. in the abdominal region.
hero one who demonstrates great courage and nobility, esp. one who is considered a model or ideal. [3 definitions]
Herod the dynastic title of a succession of tetrarchs who governed Palestine for the Roman Empire. [2 definitions]
Herodotus a Greek historian (484?-425? B.C.).
heroic of or pertaining to a hero or heroes. [4 definitions]
heroic couplet a pair of rhyming lines in iambic pentameter, esp. when it forms a unit of thought.
heroic verse any verse form traditionally used for epic or dramatic poetry, such as iambic pentameter for English poetry.
heroin an illegal addictive narcotic made from morphine that is usu. mixed with water and taken by injection.
heroine a woman of heroic character or deeds. [2 definitions]
heroism courageous behavior, or courageous acts collectively.
heron any of a number of wading birds, such as the egret or great blue heron, that have long necks and legs and usu. long bills.
heronry a place where herons gather, esp. to breed.
hero sandwich a large sandwich composed of fillings such as meats, vegetables, and cheeses between the halves of a long roll of bread, usu. Italian bread; submarine; poor boy.
hero worship much or too much reverence or admiration for a heroic figure or for great persons generally.
hero-worship to have or show hero worship for.
herpes any of a number of infectious diseases caused by herpesviruses, esp. herpes simplex and chicken pox and shingles. [2 definitions]
herpes simplex either of two viral infections resulting in the appearance of blisters on skin and mucous membranes of the face or the genital area.