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hexahedron a polyhedron or solid object having six flat faces.
hexameter a line of poetry with six metrical units or feet.
hexapod any insect. [2 definitions]
hey used to draw attention or to show surprise, mild delight, or annoyance.
heyday the time of maximum influence, power, or success; prime.
Hf symbol of the chemical element hafnium.
Hg symbol of the chemical element mercury.
H.G. Wells British author and social critic, born Herman George Wells, celebrated for developing the genre of science fiction.
HI abbreviation of "Hawaii," a North Pacific island state of the United States.
hi (informal) Greetings!; Hello!
hiatal hernia a protrusion of part of the stomach wall through the diaphragm at the opening through which the esophagus passes.
hiatus a gap or break in activity, time, or space; interruption. [2 definitions]
hibachi a small, charcoal-burning grill of Japanese origin for cooking food.
hibernaculum a natural structure giving protection to a plant part during the winter. [2 definitions]
hibernal of or concerning winter; wintry.
hibernate to remain dormant over the winter in a den or burrow so as to conserve energy, as bears and other animals. [2 definitions]
hibernation a sleep-like state of diminished metabolic activity entered into during winter by bears and other animals so as to conserve energy. [3 definitions]
hibiscus any of numerous plants related to mallow, with large, attractive, and colorful flowers.
hiccup a sudden, spasmodic inhalation that is cut off by the involuntary closing of the windpipe. [4 definitions]
hic jacet (Latin) here lies; usu. part of an epitaph or tombstone inscription.
hick an unsophisticated person from a rural area; yokel.