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highboy a tall chest of drawers in two sections and standing on legs.
highbred bred from or having the characteristics of superior stock.
highbrow one who has or pretends to have highly sophisticated intellectual and cultural interests and tastes (often used disparagingly). [2 definitions]
high-bush cranberry a North American shrub that bears white flowers and tart scarlet berries.
High Church of or pertaining to a conservative party in the Anglican Church that advocates retaining many features of Catholic worship. (Cf. Broad Church, Low Church.)
high comedy comedy involving the upper social classes, featuring an intricate plot, sophisticated characterization, and witty dialogue. (Cf. low comedy.)
high commissioner a diplomatic representative of ambassadorial rank, representing one member country of the British Commonwealth to another. [2 definitions]
high-end of the high-priced sort and, at least ostensibly, of high quality.
high-energy providing food energy to the body quickly and easily. [3 definitions]
high-energy particle an atom or part of an atom having energy greater than one hundred thousand electron volts.
higher criticism the study of the Bible as to the authors, dates, and the like, as well as evidence concerning the meanings of the texts. (Cf. lower criticism).
higher-up (informal) someone who occupies an authoritative or relatively high position, as in a business or association.
high explosive an explosive that explodes extremely quickly and powerfully, such as TNT.
highfalutin (informal) ostentatious or pompous; high-flown.
high-fiber of a diet or food substance, containing a high concentration of undigestible plant carbohydrates.
high fidelity a method of sound recording and reproduction that captures and reproduces the entire range of audible frequencies with very little distortion.
highflier a person, aircraft, or other thing that flies high. [2 definitions]
high-flown excessive or extravagant, as in self-esteem, goals, or the like. [2 definitions]
high frequency a radio wave between three and thirty megahertz.
High German the dialects of the German language spoken in the central and southern parts of the country. (Cf. Low German.) [2 definitions]
high-grade of very good or superior quality. [2 definitions]