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historian one who writes about or is an expert on history.
historic significant in history. [4 definitions]
historical of or relating to history or to the past. [3 definitions]
historical linguistics the study of changes in a language over an extended period of time.
historically concerning what actually existed and occurred in past times.
historical materialism the Marxist principle holding that economic factors are predominant in forming and shaping social and political structures throughout history.
historical present the present tense, or the use of this tense in the narration of events occurring in the past.
historicity of an event, the fact of having occurred in history; historical authenticity.
historiographer one who specializes in analyzing, teaching, or developing the techniques, principles, and theories of historical scholarship. [2 definitions]
historiography the theories, methods, assumptions, and principles of historical research and writing. [3 definitions]
history a chronological narrative of past events. [5 definitions]
histrionic of or concerning actors or their work. [2 definitions]
histrionics (usu. used with a pl. verb) overly dramatic, emotional, or affected behavior. [2 definitions]
hit to deliver a blow or stroke to. [16 definitions]
hit-and-run denoting or pertaining to a driver who does not stop at the scene after causing an accident with his or her motor vehicle. [2 definitions]
hitch1 to connect or attach with or as if with a rope or straps, esp. loosely or temporarily. [9 definitions]
hitch2 (informal) to solicit or obtain a free ride; hitchhike.
hitchhike to solicit or obtain a free ride or series or rides in a vehicle.
hither to or in the direction of this place; here. [2 definitions]
hither and thither in or to a variety of places, esp. randomly; here and there.
hither and yon from this location to another, esp. to a place at a great distance. [2 definitions]