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hobble to walk awkwardly, unsteadily, or with difficulty; limp. [6 definitions]
hobby1 an interest or activity that one pursues in one's leisure time, for pleasure.
hobby2 a small European falcon, formerly used to catch smaller game birds.
hobbyhorse a child's toy with an imitation horse's head at the end of a long stick, which the child pretends to ride. [3 definitions]
hobgoblin an ugly, mischievous, or troublesome elf, sprite, or goblin. [2 definitions]
hobnail a short nail with a wide head, used on the soles of heavy shoes or boots to protect against wear.
hobnob to keep company socially; associate on friendly and familiar terms, esp. with one's superiors.
hobo a poor and homeless wanderer who usually does odd jobs for a living but may also beg or scavenge. [2 definitions]
Hobson's choice the illusion of a free choice; choice of one thing or nothing.
Ho Chi Minh a Vietnamese political leader and president of North Vietnam in 1954-69 (b.1890--d.1969).
Ho Chi Minh City a seaport in southern Vietnam, formerly Saigon, the capital of South Vietnam.
hock1 the portion of the hind leg of a horse, cow, or the like that corresponds to the human ankle. [4 definitions]
hock2 to leave (something) temporarily in exchange for money borrowed, until such time as the money is repaid; pawn. [2 definitions]
hockey a sport played on ice, in which two teams of six skating players each try to drive a puck into each other's goal using angled hockey sticks; ice hockey. [2 definitions]
hockshop (informal) a pawnbroker's place of business.
hocus to defraud, hoax, or hoodwink. [3 definitions]
hocus-pocus meaningless or nonsensical words or phrases repeated by magicians. [2 definitions]
hod a tray set crosswise on top of a long handle, used for carrying bricks, mortar, or the like.
hodgepodge a confused, disorderly mixture or mess of diverse things; jumble.
Hodgkin's disease a progressive, sometimes fatal disease in which the lymph tissues, spleen, and kidneys become enlarged or inflamed.
hodoscope a device used to follow the paths of charged particles in a magnetic field.