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hold one's horses to be patient, calm, or restrained.
hold one's own to maintain a position equal to that of another.
hold one's peace to stay quiet; not speak.
holdout the act or an instance of holding out. [2 definitions]
hold out to refuse to comply until conditions are more favorable. [2 definitions]
holdover someone or something that remains from an earlier period, such as a political appointee from a previous administration. [2 definitions]
hold tight to keep one's position or opinion and await further events.
holdup a delay or interruption in the progress of something. [2 definitions]
hold up to keep from falling; support. [4 definitions]
hold water to be logical, believable, or valid.
hole an opening or hollow cavity in something. [9 definitions]
holiday a day on which ordinary business activity is suspended, in commemoration or celebration of some person or event. [5 definitions]
holier-than-thou annoyingly sanctimonious, self-righteous, or priggish.
holily in a pious or sacred manner; devoutly.
holiness the condition or quality of being holy; sanctity. [2 definitions]
holism the concept that the entirety or wholeness of an entity is other or greater than a summation of its parts.
holistic handling or dealing with an entity in its entirety or wholeness rather than with emphasis on its parts or various aspects. [2 definitions]
Holland see Netherlands.
holland linen or cotton cloth, often glazed, used to make window shades, upholstery, and clothing.
hollandaise sauce a rich, creamy sauce made of egg yolk, lemon juice, and butter, usu. served over vegetables or fish.
holler (informal) to cry out, yell, or shout. [5 definitions]