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holystone a flat piece of soft sandstone used to clean the decks of a wooden ship. [2 definitions]
Holy Synod the governing body of any of the Eastern Orthodox churches, composed of bishops under the authority of a patriarch.
holy water in the Roman Catholic Church, water blessed by a priest and used for certain religious purposes.
Holy Week the week immediately before Easter Sunday.
Holy Writ the Bible; Scriptures.
homage special respect, honor, or esteem, publicly displayed or expressed. [2 definitions]
hombre (Spanish) a man.
homburg a felt hat that has a stiff, shallow, slightly curled brim and a soft creased crown.
home the place where one lives or dwells. [16 definitions]
homebody someone whose interests and activities are centered in the home.
homebred raised or bred domestically; native. [2 definitions]
home-brew any alcoholic beverage, esp. beer, that is prepared at home.
homecoming a return to one's home. [2 definitions]
home-cooked prepared and cooked at home.
home economics the skills and art of managing a home, including nutrition, interior design, and child development. [2 definitions]
home fries sliced raw or boiled potatoes fried in oil or shortening; home fried potatoes.
home front the civilian population or location during a time of war abroad conceived of an assisting force or as an additional theater of war in which the "combatants" do not actually fight but engage in activities that support those who do.
homegrown raised or grown at home or locally, as vegetables or fruits. [2 definitions]
homeland one's native country or region.
homeless having no home. [2 definitions]
homeless shelter a place that provides temporary shelter for the homeless, esp. for the purpose of sleep.